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Riggs&Razdan is built on 26 years integrated agency experience. We’ve sat on the boards of international and independent agencies, delivering award-winning creative work across commercial and not-for-profit sectors. 
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By drawing on our network of specialists we also provide an end-to-end service, which can include, strategy, design, production, and development support.

Cost-effective solutions delivered by award-winning experts

You only pay for the services and expertise you need.  So no bricks and mortar costs, no unnecessarily large teams that you’ll barely (if ever) deal with. 

There are no layers of account management. 

You deal directly with your team. This keeps us closer to the work, which saves time, money and helps deliver far more effective creative.

What can I say about Raz? He joined our content design team, bringing razor sharp creativity and an open mind coupled, with the tenacity to get stuck into any task thrown his way and deliver quality quickly. But don’t let his decades of experience deceive you, Raz isn’t your shouty or know-it-all Creative Director type. He’s adaptable, inquisitive, curious and always keen to grow and enhance his already sparklingly good knowledge – be it making some complex web content more engaging and readable or getting to the heart of a proposition.

Moreover than just his top turn of phrase, brand understanding and hard-working professionalism, he’s a bloody great guy to have around. A supportive, kind mentor to other team members and a warm and compelling presenter who’s able to take all stakeholders on the journey with him.


Would I recommend him? Hell yes. Would I work with him again? Without a shadow of a doubt.

Candi Williams

Content Design Manager and Strategist

April 2020

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