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Cow & Gate

We overhauled Cow & Gate’s Mother and Baby CRM programme to tune in with more playful, emotional mums, the opposite of an ‘Aptamil mum’.  


Our aim was to create a relationship that was much more responsive and tailored to their individual situations.


We restructured and redesigned the entire website, email, DM, social and created a magazine, alongside establishing a helpline for mums and mums-to-be. Our 5-Step Weaning Guide received 900 orders every week in the first few months of launch.

Alongside digital content we developed a regular magazine that mirrored the stage of development the baby had reached.

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A little "surprise and delight" for mums-to-be as they hit the last stages of pregnancy which is often the most stressful. We created the little book of 'oohs, coos and ahhs!" that brought to life the joys of a newborn baby. The content was generated by asking mums via social media for their experiences. This was sent along with a good luck card.

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