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Department for Work & Pensions

Working with the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) to raise awareness of the dangers of not updating personal details amongst benefit claimants.  

An unofficial amnesty

We knew no one would come forward if they thought they'd be prosecuted. So we convinced the DWP not to prosecute people who came forward - an unofficial amnesty. 

This enabled us to create an integrated campaign built around the idea of "Do The Right Thing", before it became too late. By running a highly targeted campaign that called out the areas we were advertising in, we added an extra sense of urgency.

This proved to be a hugely successful campaign, proving that, more often than not, creative thinking starts long before the marker pen hits the page.


Existing style

1)1232408 Housing Benefit Fraud Pres.jpg

New style

2)1232408 Housing Benefit Fraud
mockup Departement for work.jpg


6)1232408 Housing Benefit Fraud
bus mockup departement for work .jpg


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