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From passenger information through to ticketing and beyond, Vix develop, install and maintain the infrastructure required to keep mass transit systems running. 


Working with Hall of Fame, we were briefed to reposition their brand in what is a hugely competitive marketplace. Vix’s modular approach enables them to offer higher degrees of flexibility and innovation. They can work around historic technology. So clients don’t need to completely overhaul all their infrastructure, which is hugely appealing. Plus their experience and understanding of what mass transit means to individuals, communities and the environment really stand out.

In short, this gave us the emotional and rational pillars to their brand and led us to the positioning statement ‘Make the connection’.  It enabled us to show how their work positively impacted social, technological and financial sweet spots. We simplified their language and ensured the human connection was never lost. This moved a potentially dry subject into an emotive, human space.

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